Found as a stray running down Sauk Trail in Richton Park, IL, Sushi was is need of a home.

After being taken to the Richton Park Animal hospital, Sushi (Then un-named) fell into the arms of Nicole, the amazing office manager and lead vet-tech that runs the hospital. Nicole stuck the name Sushi on him and fell in love with his playful and kind disposition. She thought he was so cute she send a picture of him to her Fiance Daniel, who also fell in love with him and insisted that she take him home.

Now Sushi has a loving family with a Mom and a Dad, three crazy kids to play with, a brother and sister (two German Shepards), a cat, a turtle, a bearded dragon, and a bunny. He loves to root around in clean clothes, bark because he saw a wall, and poop in the basement.